pocketpolina (pocketpolina) wrote,

In Paris, Fashion Crazy Juice Flows Like Stylish Mayo or something

Or maybe not. Because I know very little about French Vogue other than "I often like it when I see it" so maybe the editors and stylists are on board with my plan to make everything as absurd as possible. It seems a likely explanation for this

But yeah in the American fashion failosphere this is "stunning" without a trace of irony.

So are the French spiking their champagne with Crazy? Are they doing it for the lulz? Is this part of Karl Lagerfeld's eventual takeover of the world? Does this takeover start with mayo?  Are American fashion bloggers wanking to this more or less than basement dwelling weeaboos are wanking to school girl anime porn? What would be the answer is a just world?!

So many questions! But I know you have answers my LJ friends, why? 

Sorry my macro baby is not played out for me yet.
Tags: fashion post is vapid and stylish, tasty mayo
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