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Oh my god shoes

I will not post a bunch of embarrassing stuff about how awesome my anniversary was. I will just say it was awesome and I will upload pics of what I wore (it was hot) and Tynan looking foxy in his new Ray Ban aviators. They were a big gift success. This post is about something else though. Shoes. Glorious, glorious shoes.

Yes, they went home with me today. The last ones in the store were my size and that was the exact color I wanted.

Lexie and I both have shaky hands and Blackberry cameras aren't that good but whatever. I often loan stuff/give stuff away but these shoes are special. The only people who I would ever let borrow them all have feet much bigger than mine. Which is too bad because they would look adorable on all of them. (This is you smilingxcat , olivetree and ayanamisama) In all fairness the shoes are a size six, I have tiny feets.

You know I have found blogging about fashion to be very relaxing and fun. I think I will continue doing it.



As seen in the window of Lush.
Tags: awesomeness, fashion post is vapid and stylish
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