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More Tavi, sort of related to Criminal Minds

So I was looking through a bunch of different comms on livejournal and I found one about MGG featuring pictures of him taken by creepster extraordinaire Terry Richardson. You have officially disappointed me MGG, like a lot. Never mind that the pictures are kinda gross looking and skeevy (that's just Uncle Terry's style) but you seem to have forgotten that you're standing next to TERRY FUCKING RICHARDSON. Like that's as bad as voluntarily being around Dov Charney. Ew, ew, ew, ew. You're kind of forever scuzzy after that, so take note JGL.

This brought me back to my most beloved blog The Style Rookie. Tavi ran two incredibly insightful about Creepy McCreeperson and his antics. It's amazing that a 14 year old girl is more articulate on the subject than anyone else. So they are here:


Warning: looking at Terry Richardson's photography may want to make you scrub your eyes out with bleach, not because he's the worst photographer ever but because he is so damn sleazy. I really despise this man.

Tags: fashion photography, fashion post is vapid and stylish, your fail: it does not amuse me
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