I missed the Governor's Island Jazz Age Dance Party

I am so bummed. I went last summer and had a fantastic time and dreamed about going back ever since. I didn't get notified by the Dorothy Parker Society that it was happening. Sigh. I'll have to figure out another way to traipse around dressed like a flapper. I have to say I dig the Jazz Age revival scene way more than I dig the steampunk scene. The Jazz Age is so much more fresh, so less infiltrated by unfortunately dressed goths. Also steampunk just seems so tired to me as of late. It really hit me how much I prefer fake speakeasies to fake tea parties when I saw the pictures from this year's Governor's Island party on The Sartorialist. Yesterday I was still pretty gung-ho about steampunk but seeing the pictures of the most fun I had dressing up switched something in my brain. I wanted to be there so bad this year. I guess I can relive the memories of last year and hope I don't miss next year. I had a bomb outfit planned too.

Here are two pictures of me from last year's party

Excuse the fact that I look fat in both of them.

You can see pictures from this year's event here http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/ just do a little scrolling. In the archives there should pictures of last years event. I am not in any of them but they're all gorgeous.

Obligatory Rodarte Post

So I first saw the Rodarte Fall 2010 collection without reading the description on style.com. My reaction was "Well it's a lot better than last season ladies." Rodarte has always been hit or miss for me in terms of design but this season they completely failed me because of the concept. I shit you not the inspiration was Juarez, Mexico. Highlights from the incredibly idiotic review of it on style.com include:

"From there, they became interested in the troubled border town of Ciudad Juárez; the hazy, dreamlike quality of the landscape there; and the maquiladora workers going to the factory in the middle of the night. And that, according to the designers, who certainly know how to romance a pitch, led to this conclusion: They'd build a collection off the idea of sleepwalking."

"The show ended with a quartet of ethereal, unraveling, rather beautiful white dresses that alternately called to mind quinceañera parties, corpse brides, and, if you wanted to look at it through a really dark prism, the ghosts of the victims of Juárez's drug wars."

"As at Marc Jacobs, however, serenity, not darkness, was the abiding impression, abetted by a soundtrack of pop standards like "Blue Moon."'

You can read idiocy here: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/review/F2010RTW-RODARTE as well as see the collection

A blog pointed out that Mulleavy sisters are notorious provocateurs and this should come as no surprise. However I think that this going way too fucking far. Maquiladora workers who have to go work in the middle of night and murder victims should not be romanticized in order to sell a $1000 blouse. This is incredibly exploititive even by the standards of an industry that is often viewed as callous and insensitive. I am a waargarbl of rage and disappointment at this. 

I think the worst part is that the collection will likely sell very well. It got rave reviews and it certainly is much more wearable than last season. We live an unjust world I suppose.

Oh soft what derp from yonder window breaks?

Today in great things on the Internet I bring you lulz from fark.com I cannot take credit for these beautiful masterpieces of language, they belong to various farkers. I basically just edited my favorites together and cut out all the most foul of wank in between. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen The Herpa Derp Theater is Proud to Present to you

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Fashion (turn to the left)

I haven't done a fashion post in a while. So I figured it was high time I should do one.

If you haven't heard about The Style Rookie I highly suggest you check it out: http://www.thestylerookie.com/

Tavi Gevinson is the 14 year old girl who writes this blog and she brilliant. I really hope one day we see her as the number one driving force in fashion media because goddamn she is spot on and she has a great sense of humor.

On the subject of Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony (which is a line I will defend to the death)

"Chloe Sevigny is maybe the only celebrity-turned-designer that I find to be an actually good designer, and the only one who I believe actually does her own designs. Who else could create something so Sassy and cute and attitude-y and perfect in every way? I want everything from her new collection for Opening Ceremony but will probably end up saving for a pair of those platform cloggy shoes. They will be totally perfect as a gift to myself for entering high school and becoming the pair I wear every single day. Then when I’m old and can’t wear any shoes since I’ll have spent my entire youth in either heels or sole-tearing Doc Martens, I’ll pass my Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony platforms down to one of my grandchildren, then, after reconsideration, threaten them with an embarrassing Bar/Bat Mitzvah toast unless they give them back."

I was really impressed by her open letter to Seventeen Magazine found here: http://www.thestylerookie.com/2010/07/open-letter-to-seventeen-magazine-also.html as well as her calling out Terry Richardson on his incredible bullshit. Her style is totally unique and crazy but she pulls it off perfectly. Also how cool is it when a 14 year old like Le Tigre? Also OMG SQUEE her Miu Miu cat shoes. I know I couldn't walk four feet in them but goddamn they are so fun.

In case you missed it you need to see the amazing Givenchy Couture collection for F/W 2010. Oh. My. God. It is beautiful. http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/F2010CTR-GIVENCHY

I am currently thinking the fall piece I really need the most is a military style jacket. Years ago I had an amazing vintage black velvet one with brass buttons but it vanished so I need a replacement. Luckily there is a pretty choice one at H&M right now that I plan on picking up. I am also coveting Tavi's YSL inspired t-shirts. I think I'd like one that's a little loose to play on shape. I am very sad that Opening Ceremony's website does not carry the Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony tote. I want it so much.

And lastly in things that I wish would go away, GIANT CYNDI LAUPER/DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN BOW HEADBANDS. I like headbands, I like bows, I like a little bit on 80s throwback. However these bows seem too over the top for me. Like you're a scene kid whose found your little sister's ballet costume supply. Or you know, you're a scene kid and desperate for attention. I'm not saying there's no way to do big bows, I'm saying that giant stiff neon bows with tulle accents are probably not answer to your problems.


In which I discuss how awesome most of you are

I have come to realize I have pretty fab friends for a variety of reasons. But I'm just going to write about one today: sound advice. From reading acquaintances' facebook status updates I have learned some people just give awful advice. I mean really, really terrible things that don't make any real sense. Sure I have been given questionable advice before but a lot of you are particularly good at giving sane and helpful advice. No one tells me things like "turn your love into hate." Most recently, Rikibeth gave me good advice in a situation I don't want to discuss in my journal. There were simple clear steps I could follow, it was glorious! But seriously, a lot of you people give sound advice on a variety of subjects. It's really awesome when I am being a nutter to have someone guide me into the light. I would have never gotten nearly as far as I did if I didn't have you guys. BONUS You are so patient that you put with my bananapants crazy with some frequency. So cheers to you all!

/underslept pointless rambling.

Arisia bits

So my boss is awesome and gave me Sunday off so I could go to Arisia. I need steampunk bits and pieces to pull together for my elevensies outfit. So far if I can find it I have a walking skirt, a black silk belt, a cut up antique blouse, possibly a cape and a mini top hat. I need gadgets! HALP ME!

It's just finals

But it hurts. I am so tired I cannot form coherent thoughts right now. Must email my paper tomorrow but I'm scared of looking at it because I think it's bad. I have too much anxiety to open the document and write the last paragraph. It's sad really. I got another paper back and got an A- on it so there is hope. I hate school so much. I just want it to be over. /whinewhinewhine